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Show Control Systems Product Comparison

For our comparison, we assume a typical theatre installation consisting of:

  • 96 Conventional Lights (96 Channels)
  • 12 Coemar iWash 575 (16 channels each)
  • 12 HighEnd x.Spot XTreme (38 channels each)
  • 1 HighEnd Catalyst (8 layers, 40 channels each)
  • 1 HighEnd DL1 Projector (11 channels)
  • NSI MC7024 24/48 Channel Console

This typical setup requires a total of 1075 DMX channels total (3 Universes). We assume a light show having a preprogrammed SMPTE timecode driven section and a live section. All prices are given in MSRP. Windows based computer is needed for all three systems and is not included.

Product BlueLite X1 Light Jockey Club * WholeHog II PC
Base price $1,995 $3,299 * $2,325
Total cost to run this show $1,995 $5,344 $16,118
Company Innovate Show Controls Martin Flying Pig Systems / High End
DMX channels 2048 (4 Universes) Out
512 (1 Universe) In
512 (1 Universe) through
1536 (3 Universes) Out
512 (1 Universe) In
512 (1 Universe) Out
$2,325 each additional Universe
Fixture limit None 100 None
Fixture channel limit None 32 None
DMX input for programming and live playback Any DMX Console $1,650 Martin Fingers $3,659 Programming Wing
$3,659 Playback Wing
SMPTE reader / generator Yes Yes, with external adapter
(e.g. $395, Motu Midi Express XT USB)
$1,825 SMPTE Widget
SMPTE lock Yes No, trigger only No, trigger only
SMPTE auto-detect frame rate Yes No No
Submasters 24 No 8
Template editor Yes- powerful and easy to use Partial- difficult to support unorthodox fixtures. Difficult with fixtures containing more than 32 channels. No
1 million cues 9999 scenes (999 per sequence) Approximately 10,000. Limits defined by storage and memory
Events 10 million 9999 "cues" Approximately 10,000. Limits defined by storage and memory
Re-use cues in non-sequential order? Yes Yes No
Overlapping fades with timecode Yes No No
Event recording Yes No No
Movement (effects) generator Yes, unlimited concurrent effects Movement macros Yes Ė limited concurrent effects
Effect rotation Yes No No
Effect crossfading (shape morphing) Yes No No
* LightJockey Club is used, because the less-expensive LightJockey USB-512 and LightJockey PCI-512 only have 512 DMX channels (1 Universe) and also donít support the SMPTE timecode interface.

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